Full service creative branding. Digital marketing.  Actualiza tu negocio con un servicio completo de márketing y publicidad. Página web, diseño gráfico y fotografía profesional.

Creative marketing service for your business:

Graphic design, commercial photography and digital production.

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Marco Valdés, freelance designer in Algeciras.

Freelance art director, without commercial office and with private photography studio. Unlike advertising agencies that speculate on the needs and budget of their clients, it offers a more transparent and close relationship without intermediaries, following the creative process to develop a custom made design, with a tight budget without unnecessary extra costs.

Strategic planning &


Strategic planning

The first step of design consists of a dialogue where we identify and define the problems and needs of your business, its weaknesses, threats and strengths. The values ​​of your brand with a vision of the future.

Conceptual design &


Conceptual design

In the creative stage we develop the idea, a value concept, an identity that differentiates your brand from its competitors, we think outside the box to put your brand on the market with its own personality and achieve the target.

Visual communication &


Visual communication

In the artistic stage we made the photo shooting and the graphic design, adapting your idea to the media, printed, digital or audiovisual, optimizing your marketing budget.

Portrait of Marco Valdés Díaz


Marco Valdés is an artist from Algeciras born in 1984. He grew up next to the drawing boards, squares, bevels and rulers of his relatives. Therefore, it was straight to him. He studied photography at the Algeciras School of Art and continued his studies as a graphic designer at the Valencia University and art direction at the Elisava University in Barcelona. He has lived and worked in cities such as Istanbul, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Düsseldorf and Gibraltar. He is an art director for advertising campaigns, with more than 15 years of experience in the sector, his work has been developed in international agencies such as Bassat Ogilvy, in Barcelona, ​​LOLA Madrid and BBDO, in Germany. His professional projects as a designer are always an example of creativity and show his mastery of photographic technique. He never leaves his camera, whether he is in front of the paper developing an idea, or sitting at the computer giving the design its final art. His technical perfectionism, elaborated with style and patience, is present in all his works.

Worked for:

&beyond, agencia adhoc, ayuntamiento de algeciras, amstel radler, barbie, bbbdo, bucler 00, cornetto, davidoff, FAO, fruttare, frigo, junta. de andalucía,  gauloises, golden virginia, horizon, Los creativos de Hawkins, kimau, lola, lottoland, ogilvy, payma, proseo media, proximity, the bulb gibraltar, unilever, veritas media, west